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acrylic on antique board

©Teresa Kogut

I have been working many hours this week  getting to know wordpress…I am figuring it out slowly. I finally, by the grace of God, figured out how to get my domain name teresakogut.com to come here to this site. I am not computer savvy at all and don’t know html in the least but I keep pressin’ on and it is coming together. So excited!

One thing I did decide to do for now is keep my blog over at blogger. It is more like a personal journal of my life’s happenings and a fun place to share recipes, photos of special occasions and random thoughts I want to share/discuss. Here I will tend to keep it more about my art, inspiration for my art, licensing ventures, new product releases and new pattern releases.

Hope you enjoy looking around……love my new bio page, hope you do too!

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