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Happy Saturday 🙂 Just a head’s up…..I have a new website http://www.teresakogut.com

This site will only be up through February, then I will be deleting it. Everything that is offered here is offered over at my new website…and more goodies added!!! Come and check it out and don’t forget to follow so that you are informed of anything new.

I appreciate you. See you at the new site!

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8×10 print

©Teresa Kogut

This print and several more were added to my Etsy shop yesterday. This print is actually 3 of my paintings put together using photoshop. The angel is one, the black border another and the “beatitude” border is a third. I love the way it turned out. Imagine it with a black frame….yowza!! The price of this 8×10 print is only $15, pair it with a black frame from Hobby Lobby, Kohl, Micheals, JoAnn, TJ Maxx or Target and you’ve got yourself a gem for around $30! Makes for a great gift, too.

If interested, take a peek here.


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